15 - 16 November

Buenos Aires
Seed Convention

Forage seeds | Cover crops | Turf

Alvear Art Hotel | Argentina
First organized by the Cámara de Semilleristas de la Bolsa de Cereales in 2010, the Buenos Aires Seed Convention – BASC – is the international business networking meeting of the seed industry of forage species, cover crops and turf, including related services, with the largest attendance in South America.

The objective of BASC is to provide a suitable environment for delegates to explore business opportunities, create synergies, exchange global market information, and extend their network of contacts.

Argentina has favourable agri-climatic conditions, a broad and diverse territory, professional human resources, and adequate infrastructure to produce high quality seeds.  
In addition, its geographical location enables it to do so in the counter-season, which is a comparative advantage.

As a result, for the last 10 campaigns Argentina has registered a positive trade balance for the temperate forage seeds, which are exported to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Furthermore, it continues to promote subtropical forage seeds to increase pasture productivity in environments with limitations.

For the above reasons, as well as its renowned livestock farming tradition, our country is at the forefront of innovation and the national list currently has 2,087 varieties of forage species registered.

Argentina is focused both on consolidating and opening export markets as well as on developing new domestic consumption markets with a view to complementing domestic production with imports.

We invite you to register for the Buenos Aires Seed Convention – BASC2023 – to meet with colleagues from around the world!
About the Cámara de Semilleristas de la Bolsa de Cereales

The Argentine Cámara de Semilleristas de la Bolsa de Cereales is a non-profit civil association that brings together companies engaged into research, breeding, production, and trade of forage seeds, cover crops and turf, in addition to related services. Founded in 1955, its members currently represent the majority of the national market for these seeds.


To represent the Argentine forage seed sector, as well as cover crops and turf, at national and international level, thus helping to shape a transparent, professional, and profitable market.


To promote that forage seeds, as well as cover crops and turf, meet the best conditions for prime quality and genetic development, thereby contributing to the sustainability of agricultural activity in Argentina and worldwide.



For more information, please visit our web site: www.csbc.org.ar